"Minutemen" Get Cold Shoulder in South L. A.

The L. A. Times Reports the Minutemen bigots thought they’d roll into L. A. and enlist African Americans into their bigotry. Instead they are compared to the KKK.

“The Minuteman Project, the self-proclaimed citizen border patrol that has emerged as a vocal
opponent of illegal immigration, arrived in the heart of South Los Angeles on Wednesday hoping to recruit blacks to their cause.

But instead, they were met by protesters — most of them African American — who compared the group to the Ku Klux Klan and urged them to take their campaign elsewhere.”

And, by the way, the proposition that illegal immigrants to the USA are taking jobs from the native born is a canard.

From the NYT report linked above:
“Even economists striving hardest to find evidence of immigration’s effect on domestic workers are finding that, at most, the surge of illegal immigrants probably had only a small impact on wages of the least-educated Americans — an effect that was likely swamped by all the other things that hit the economy, from the revolution in technology to the erosion of the minimum wage’s buying power.”


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