Galloway v Di Rita. It’s No Contest.

Check out this email exchange between Joe Galloway, renown and awarding winning Knight Ridder military correspondent and commentator, and Rumsfeld spokesperson Larry Di Rita.

It’s one thing to be an hubristic, incompetent Secretary of Defense who has publicly derided and dismissed professional military officers who have expressed military judgments which didn’t square with neoconservative ideology. It’s entirely another to disclaim any responsibility for wasting the nation’s military resources and personnel in pursuance of the neofascist chimera of world domination.

Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Feith, Cambone, and the rest of Bush’s Pentagon civilian brass, should be charged with, and tried for, treason and war crimes.



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3 responses to “Galloway v Di Rita. It’s No Contest.

  1. El Macho Grande

    My latest wish for Rumsfeld and Wolfowitz is that they should be named Minister of the Interior and Minister of Defense of Iraq. Those are the two jobs still unfilled in the new puppet “government.” They are so hard to fill because the holders are sure to become targets for assassination.

    Joe Galloway wrote an amazing book about a battle in Vietnam that he witnessed, called “We Were Soldiers Once … and Young.” It’s a brutal account of the US Army and Air Force flinging thousands of tons of bombs, artillery, and napalm against under-equipped but completely committed North Vietnamese and Viet Cong troops. Every American citizen should read it. See if the English library has it.

    Bush and Cheney should of course be impeached.

  2. You Know Me


    I love your suggestion that Rumsfeld and Wolfowitz be appointed ministers in the new Iraqi “government”. One could only hope they would be terminated by Iraqi ‘freedom fighters” with extreme prejudice.

    I, of course, also share your view on the impeachment of Bush and Cheney. I suggest that Bush’s punishment be that he be made to work behind the counter at a Burger King in some backwater Texas town until he is 65 or until the smirk is removed from his face, which ever occurs later. Cheney should also be sent to Iraq to ride shotgun for Wolfowitz.

    I have not read Galloway’s book but will indeed look for it at the MEL. If I’m not mistaking (always a dubious proposition) I think there was also a movie.

  3. El Macho Grande

    There was a movie, which starred Mel Gibson.

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