Federico’s Cafico Coffee Shop

Meet Federico Navarro A., proprietor of the Cafico coffee shop on Calle 58 a few doors South of Parque Santa Ana and purveyor of the best coffee I’ve been able to find in my limited explorations of Merida.

When I accompany my neighbor Armando on the 4 block walk he takes each day to pick up his lunch, from the cocina economica operated by my Spanish teachers, we often go to Federico’s for a cup of high test Cafe Cubano served in styrofoam demitasse.

The walls of Federico’s shop are adorned with quite a number of pictures of Mexican revolutionary hero Pancho Villa.

Federico roasts beans grown in Chiapas and Veracruz in his really cool coffee roasting machine you can see at the right. When Federico is roasting one can detect the wafting aroma from a half block away.

I buy expresso roast ground as fine as Federico’s machine will turn it out for my morning fix of high test.

Federico es un hombre muy amable. He has taken to saving his waste coffee grounds for me, which I use as abono in my garden. I returned the favor by taking him one of the watermelons from my last crop.

Federico is another one of the many reasons I like it here.



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5 responses to “Federico’s Cafico Coffee Shop

  1. El Macho Grande

    Beautiful. You know, hair has a lot of nitrogen too. You should stop by the neighborhood barbers occasionally.

  2. Anonymous

    Whew! I thought el macho grande was going to suggest that you should put clippings from YOUR hair in your garden! That would only work if your garden was, say, the size of a terrarium. Love ya buddy!

  3. You Know Me

    Even for a terrarium it could be only a once per year application.

  4. efren f, navarro prieto

    El mejor cafe que he probado en mi larga vida, que Dios te Bendiga Federico. hijo mio

  5. John Schaeffer

    I stumbled upon Cafe Cafico’s small space during a recent trip to Merida. What a pleasure to meet the owner! Equally pleasurable is the cup of his coffee I just enjoyed back home in Miami. Highly recommend his Veracruz beans and look forward to opening the bag from Chiapas.

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