I Think This Is Really Funny

The New York Times is reporting that, at the same time the neo fascists are ginning up a military strike on Iran, Iraq’s recently installed Foreign Minister has “endorsed the right of Iran to pursue the ‘technological and scientific capabilities’ needed to create nuclear power for peaceful purposes”.

Those Straussian “philosopher” neofascists are just a bit too smart for their own good. They orchestrated the conquering of Iraq in the name of the grand Wilsonian ideal of bringing peace and democracy to the Iraq and then the entire Middle East, though they had to lie about WMDs and nukes to convince the USA public to go along with scheme. And what do they get?

They get a government in Iraq that is very closely aligned with the another charter members of the “Axis of Evil”, Iran, and which is now defending that which those smarty pants neofascists are decrying.

I also support Iran’s right to pursue nuclear technology, and not just for peaceful purposes. Why shouldn’t Iran be able to have nuclear weapons, like at least 8 to 10 other nations on earth? And why should anyone expect Iran to comply with provisions of the non-proliferation treaty when USA allies India, Pakistan, Israel do not? I think nuclear weapons are the only effective means of Iran deterring USA aggression and of all the nations on earth the USA has the least moral standing to lecture other nations about nuclear weapons.



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2 responses to “I Think This Is Really Funny

  1. Working Gringohttp://www.yucatanliving.com

    I’m curious, does the new president of Iraq (whose last name, ironically, is Talibani) have the power to pardon Saddam Hussein? If not, why not? Wouldn’t surprise me if Bush pardons Ken Lay in the end.

  2. You Know Me

    Wouldn’t that be something. Your question made me also curious.

    Here’s what the Iraqi constitution has to say on the subject:
    Article (71): The president of the republic enjoys the following powers:
    (a) issuing special amnesty, upon a recommendation from the prime minister, to pardon those convicted in international crimes, terrorism, financial or administrative corruption or crimes against personal rights.

    Given that Talabani is Kurdish and Saddam is Sunni; and given that the USA is still the real authority in Iraq a pardon seems unlikely to me anyway.

    I wonder what effect such a pardon would have on the, primarily, Sunni insurgency.

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