Mexico Wins First World Cup Match

This afternoon, after watching Mexico beat Iran 3 – 1 in its first World Cup match, I walked down the Paseo Montejo to Chedraui to buy some of the organic sheep manure compost I use to fertilize the garden.

In celebration of the Mexican victory, lots of vehicles driving down the Paseo were honking their horns, all in the same honk, honk – honk, honk, honk cadence, and displaying Mexican flags. Many of the pedestrians responded with cheers.

I don’t understand soccer but did find the Mexico/Iran match exciting and got a kick out of the celebrating on the Paseo.

Later: I know soccer is no big thing in the USA and the USA/Czech Republic match tomorrow, at 9:00 AM PDT, will not see people standing in front of TVs in shop windows or having their radios turned up in their work places; but the Czech Republic team is apparently rated 2nd in the world and the USA team 5th. It could be a good match.



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11 responses to “Mexico Wins First World Cup Match

  1. Sparks in Elma

    Thats not true, some of us in America DO have the radio tuned to American soccer, some of us are even in Elma!
    Go USA, off to a bad start,though!

  2. You Know Me

    My apologies for my over generalization.

    Of course, the Elma-McCleary area has a very active soccer league and very supportive parents who have done some amazing work in developing new facilities for the soccer playing youngsters.

    Who could forget the work that Chris S. and other talked the Marine Reservists into doing in developing new fields.

    Go Mexico.

  3. shu

    Mexico has our number… in soccer.
    They train in high altitude.
    I check your website a couple of times a week, it’s good to read what a real life radical bastard has to say, lol!

  4. You Know Me

    Hey Shu,

    How very nice to hear from you.

    Radical, indeed, and proudly so; but, bastard? As far as I know my parents were married.

    Perhaps you will do me the favor of explainging what constitutes off sides in soccer. I haven’t been able to figure it out.

    Take care and give my best to K and the progeny.

  5. shu

    Offsides- Is when you are attacking(have the ball) and you pass it forward towards the goal you are shooting at, at the time the ball was kicked(passed forward), none of your own guys can be between the other teams last defender and their goal keeper, influencing whatever play comes next, thus giving you an unfair advantage…. Comprende’ (?spelling)

  6. You Know Me

    That would be “comprendes”.

    Claro. Eres buen maestro de futbol.

  7. You Know Me

    Have you noticed the Mexican coach smoking on the sideline?

  8. You Know Me


    So am I correct in my assumption that you will be giving up predicting scores.

    Don’t tell my neighbors but I was rooting for the underdog. Though most of the game was played on Angola’s side of the field, they have one hell of a goalie and lots of fast runners.

    Portugal socred their lone goal on Angola right at the last of the game.

    I am now going out to see what the reaction is to the game.

  9. shu

    Thats the beauty of this game of the world. Any given day any team can win. Today will be interesting, USA has never beaten Italy.
    We are at the car show on main st. today, shower this morning, 12 cars so far.
    I’m involved in a drive to have main st at christmas to lights with music, we have our first display today. Visit to check it out.

  10. You Know Me

    Hey Shu,

    I returned from the grocery store and turned on the USA/Italy match at the 40 second point. Thirteen minutes into the game the USA is playing Italy tough.

    I had read about your Christmas lights to music efforts in the Chamber newsletter. The videos at are great, particularly the second one. I sure hope you aren’t planning to use the atrocious version of Jingle Bells in the first video. The peace sign was a nice touch.

    You’ll have to be sure to send me a video of the Elma production or maybe post it on the Chamber web site.

    You are a credit to the Elma community.

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