My Pickup

I received a request for a photo of my little pickup.



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2 responses to “My Pickup

  1. El Macho Grande

    Nice, YKM. Is that a Mexican manufactured Ford? What kind of mileage do you get? Are the emissions legal in the USA?

  2. You Know Me

    Hey EMG,

    Sorry it took me so long to post the photo but I’ve just spent six almost completely irresponsible days visiting friends in Elma.

    The truck was manufactured in Brazil for the Mexican market. I checked my mileage today, when I drove from Elma to Burley, Idaho (where I am now sitting in a Super 8 motel room)and I got 30 mpg. And the back of the truck is fully loaded.

    The items I had in storage fit perfectly in the back with no room to spare. In fact I had to unload one sheep skin at my buddy Dan’s, where it fit perfectly in his dog’s house.

    I don’t know about the emissions, but it has a fuel injected 4 cylinder Z-Tech engine which apparently is also used in USA Fords.

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