The Birds of Parque Juarez

There is lots of public art in Xalapa so I have begun to make a point of photographing it as I happen upon it during my explorations.

Here are a number of birds that regularly inhabit El Parque Juarez, which I have mention a few times and which is the main downtown city park, flanked by the state and municipal government buildings.

The pink building you can see at left is El Palacio Municipal. City Hall, if you like.

The photo doesn’t show it well but the blue bird further in the background at right has what I think are eggs in its mid-section cavity and one protruding from its hind end.

El Parque Juarez, particularly on weekend days is full of folks and vendors of every sort.

Today while I was sitting in the park resting from my daily explorations I was even approached by a woman who asked if I wanted to have my blood pressure checked. I responded “sure” and after she told me that my pressure is fine she asked for $10 pesos.

Also today there was a group of about eight or ten young folks with an assortment of drums hammering out some foot tapping rhythms.

Also today I notice that for the children one of the more entertaining features of the park is its flock of pigeons. The children delight in gathering the pigeons around by throwing feed and then rushing at the flock to send it aloft. The flock lifting off as a unit, I notice, is a bit frightening for the younger children.

The park is beautifully landscaped, affords great views of the mountains to the South and West, and is wonderful place to watch the people of Xalapa.


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