Grupos Religiosos Radicals

According to Diario Xalapa there are some folks here, characterized by the Diario of representing “grupos religiosos radicals”, who are objecting to the fact that the biology text book for junior high school aged students includes a discussion of the human reproductive system, as well as pregnancy and STD avoidance.

I am at a complete loss to understand why the radical religious folks object to including “sex education” in the school curriculum, particularly at a time when the students’ hormones are on the move. Is it because if kids aren’t taught how to avoid becoming pregnant then there will be that many more sheep in the flock to support the shepherd? Additionally, if one limits the breadth of a child’s education, maintaining ignorance as it were, then that child is probably going to be less likely to question that which the shepherd preaches.

As far as I understand the radical religious whacko argument, it is that learning about reproduction etc. will encourage them to have sex. Duh, when do the whackos think that adults telling children not to do something no longer encouraged those children to go try it?



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3 responses to “Grupos Religiosos Radicals

  1. lifelongharborite

    You certainly remember the gal that was the Secretary of the GH Demos? Christine, I believe her name was. She was one of these ignorant idiots that objected to teaching about HIV in the public schools.

  2. You Know Me

    I certainly do remember that Christine was that grand liar Dan Wood’s chosen secretary. Man was she ever out of place and did your constant leering ever unnerve her?

    I know you had no trouble recalling her name, as I remember you had the hots for her.

  3. lifelongharborite

    Yeh right! I had the hots for that Nazi bitch!

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