Here are a few shot of some public art in my neig…

Here are a few shot of some public art in my neighborhood.

At left is a monument to mothers, in which is bronze woman is holding a child aloft.

So here’s a bronze guy with his arm raise. I didn’t read the plaque but it must be a monument to the workers of the world.

And how about that rock wall in the background? That baby’s like 30 feet high of rock laid without mortar, though I’m pretty sure there’s a concrete wall behind the rocks.

This is one of two identical fountains in the bicentennial Park which is a convenient short cut from the made drag trough Centro to near Los Lagos

Speaking of public art, I read in one of the local papers today that the film school at the University of Veracruz his hosting a film festival featuring musical comedies and will show six over the next two weeks ranging in vintage from 1933 to 1950. Admission is free.



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3 responses to “Here are a few shot of some public art in my neig…

  1. Anonymous

    Speaking of public art….i was recently in Moscow Russia, where i saw the worst piece of public art on the planet….maybe in the universe……check it out!!!!

  2. Anonymous

    as a postscript….Moscow has also the most beautiful public art in the universe….the mosaics in the subway stations…..check them out also

  3. You Know Me

    Thanks for checking in and for the links. The subway is indeed stunning and I must agree that the montrosity is really, really, bad.

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