Expatriate Interviews

I was recently contacted by a person associated with the website Expatriate Interviews who had happened upon the blog. She asked if I would answer their interview questions. I asked that she send me the questions and I would take a look to see if I was interested.

She did, I did, and the interview is now available on line at http://expatinterviews.com/Chris-Brown.html.



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2 responses to “Expatriate Interviews

  1. El Macho Grande

    Nice idea for a website. Most of the users don’t seem to have put it such good use as you. The Fatherland Security Department is a good name for it. I call it Judeo-Christian fascist. The Pope is at it hot and heavy.

  2. You Know Me

    I haven’t read any of the interviews as I haven’t wanted to spend my time at the internet cafe iin such pursuit.

    As I have mentioned a few times, it seems to me that the fascism that has been creeping the USA for quite a few years has stood up and taken off on a run during the Bush administration.

    I think you are correct in referring to the Fatherland Security Administration as Judeo-Christian as it seems pretty clear to me that the so called war on terror and the invasion of Iraq are part of religious war. Early on Bush, himself, referred to them as a “crusade” until someone clued Incurious George into the fact the word is really loaded.

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