My Favorite Internet Cafe

A couple of weeks ago and internet café opened a couple of blocks from the dump. That in itself is completely unremarkable as there are internet cafes in almost every block.

This one, though, is now my regular. It, I assume, is run by members of a family as they are each endowed with the same nose. It must definitely be a dominate gene.

At any rate, upon my first visit, the day the opened, they dug a cable out of a bag and squeezed me in between a couple of desk tops. A couple of visits later I found they had installed another desk with no computer on it and they indicated that it was my place to sit. The cable was a bit short so I kind of squeezed whomever happened to be at the next desk. When I visited yesterday I found they had installed a longer cable to my little desk.

The folks here have been very kind to me from my first visit, always offering coffee or soda and asking if everything is OK. So I keep returning.

Rosie informed me today that a representative from TelMex called to inform her the company is running a special on internet service for $249. pesos per month for the first six months and asked me if I wanted to arrange for service. I didn’t tell her that I don’t plan on hanging around the dog shelter long enough to bother with securing internet service but thought it was nice she thought of me.

Until I get a different place to liveI’m sticking with the good folks here.


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