D. C. Corruption

Corruption in Washington D. C. has reached such an unprecedented level that the FBI has increased from one to three the number of squads assigned to investigate members of congress and their benefactors.



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3 responses to “D. C. Corruption

  1. Don Gringohttp://www.catemaco.info/

    Curiously, I followed your trail from Yucatan to Veracruz. Must be something in the air in Merida.

    Please help me publicize Catemaco
    so I can help drive up the prices of real estate until no Mexicans living or who have ever lived could possibly afford to live in their own town.



  2. You Know Me

    Hey Don,

    Thanks for checking in and leaving a comment. However I will leave such promotion up to you.

    As for the air in Merida, other than the occassional smoke from field burning and vehicles emission characteristic of all large cities, the only problem I had with the air was its consistently high temperature, very similar to Catemaco.

  3. Don Gringo

    that real estate quote was plagiarized from Doug Bower’s Expat Quiz.

    Gee, I thought all you expats read that…

    and as for the air – I must be amiss with Gringo coloquialisms – must be something in the local air


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