That Whacky Pope Benedict

I see the Pope is at it again, quoting the bigoted remarks of a fourteenth century emperor who is reported to have said “it’s only just what Muhammad brought that was new and there you will find things only evil and inhuman. Such his commands are spread by the sword, the faith, he preached.” No better source than the Dark Ages for material for a speech.

Aside from the fact that it takes a lot of nerve for the Pope, or any other Christian for that matter, to criticize Muslims for spreading their faith “by the sword.” I trust I needn’t cite examples of Christian butchery aimed at cleansing the world, or one’s town, of those of other faiths. Often those cleansed were simply of a differing Christian faith than that at the time which prevailed.

Last May that whacky Pope, in delivering some very inexplicable remarks at Auschwitz in which he attributed the Holocaust to a few bad apples, beseeched God as to why the Lord had not sent the Catholic church some sort of message that the extermination of the Jews was wrong. The Church may have not received any word from God of the atrocities but they certainly received lots of words from good Catholics as to what was occurring in Germany and its occupied territories. The fact is that, to the Pope at the time, as long as Hitler was fighting the Godless Communists in Russia, extermination of European Jews was just fine. In fact the Catholic Church didn’t simply overlook the Holocaust, it abetted the butchery.

Pope Benedict isn’t all bad though, he provides lots of material for likes Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert.


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