The Daily Howl

Just about everyday, when an ambulance passes with its siren wailing, the dogs here in the dog shelter begin howling, in a wave that begins with a solo and ends in a chorus. It’s actually quite entertaining.



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2 responses to “The Daily Howl

  1. Marie McC

    You now have three regular readers. I just found your blog via a link from Yucatan Living.

    Have just gone back through your archives and read all the living-in-Mexico related posts. Unless I missed something, you haven’t explained the reasons behind your move from Merida to Xalapa. If you care to share, I’d be interested to know how you chose Merida as your first place to live in Mexico, what prompted you to move from there (where you had such a nice landlord and neighbors), and how you came to choose Xalapa as your second home in Mexico.

    Am looking forward to your future installments.

  2. You Know Me

    Hola Marie,

    Thanks for checking in and welcome.

    Actually you did miss something. I think, anyway.

    I left Merida for the reason that it is just too hot there for me. A “feels like” temperature of 105 to 110 is just too much for me. I was unable to do anything outdoors after about 7:30 AM and before about 7:30 PM. I would become drenched just walking to the market and back.

    The heat and the poor soil in the Yucatan, which is basically one big limestone rock, also make gardening there a real challenge.

    I like Merida and the folks there very much but need cooler temperatures and more reliable rainfall.

    I chose to move to Merida because it is near Cuba, which I like very much, and near to the USA should I choose to visit.

    I chose Xalapa as I read a bit about it and it sounded like a nice place with a climate a bit more like what I was used to living for most of my life in coastal Washington state.

    I am not at all having second thoughts of moving here. The City is beautiful, the folks are very nice, and the climate is comfortable.

    Last Friday, in fact, I came upon a property in which I am quite interested. I have spoken to the realtor, viewed the property from the street a few times, and will call the realtor tomorrow to schedule an examination.

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