Lieberman – Clueless or Lying?

Is Sen. Joseph Lieberman clueless or just a big liar like Dick Cheney? This is a really astounding assertion that everyone except Dick Cheney long ago gave up on.

“Are there terrorists in Iraq? Of course there are. That’s a reason we went in,”

Just for the record the only terrorist groups in Iraq prior to the USA invasion was a group on the Iranian border the USA government funded to harass Iran and in the Kurish area within the “no fly” zone controlled by the USA and Great Britian.

Nothing would please me more in the coming election season than to see both George Allen, who’s flaming out spectacularly, and Lieberman, who descended to having to run as an independent, sent packing from the US Senate.

I hope everyone is enjoying George Allen’s attempts to defend himself against very credible charges that he is a racist and to explain his lying about his Jewish heritage. His opponent, Ret. Admiral James Webb is running a great campaign and has great credentials.


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