An American In Paris

The Wednesday offering in the musical comedy series was An American in Paris, starring Gene Kelly and “introducing” Leslie Carson.

It, I think, was very well done, with lots of what you’d expect in a musical – singing, dancing and the obligatory romance, in this case involving Kelly and Caron. The music was composed by the Gershwin brothers. Leslie Caron was quite the ballerina and Gene Kelly was quite the crooner. There was a very long dance segment toward the end of the movie to the song An American in Paris, involving a number different sets and of outfit changes for Caron and Kelly, and which was a product of Kelly’s imagination, after learning that Caron was to marry another man the next day. At the end, predictably, Caron returns to Kelly, her true love.

There was also a very cute segment with Kelly and a bunch of supposedly French children, who all spoke English without an accent. Kelly played a serviceman who stayed in Paris following the Big One to paint and theneighborhoodd kids all liked him as he gave them American bubblegum. The kids swarmed him one afternoon as he returned to his room and asked for gum. He responded “tomorrow”, so the kids asked him top speak English and he began pointing at things and pronouncing their English names. Soon he broke into I Got Rhythm and had the kids pronouncing the “I got” part of the line.

Most of the movies in the series I’ve attended in this series were produced by Lowes to supply their theaters, back in the days when theater chains produced movies and/or owned studios.

I learned to night that the Cine Club de la UV presents movies on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays all year around, though don’t know what’s in store after tomorrow evening.


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