Expo Flor Xalapa 2006

Today in el Parque Juarez the Expo Flor Xalapa 2006 opened. As you can see in the picture at right, today there was an orchestra playing.

There are a number of vendor booths set up and selling flowers and plants of all types. You can see in the photo at left a display of Plantas Carnivores, amongst which the only one I recognized is the Venus Flytrap.

There were lots of Orchids, cacti, African Violets, ferns, and al sorts of other plants of which I don’t know the names.

Somewhere I seem t remember reading that of all the plant species found in Mexico, sixty percent are found in Veracruz state. I haven’t been able to find the fact in a quick internet search and it’s time for me to head to Dancing in the Rain so I’ll leave you with my always dubious recollection.

At any rate the park was busy today.


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  1. Marie McC

    The plant expo looks like so much fun! I recently read that Veracruz is the greenest state in Mexico and that people can grow orchids in their back yards there. Sounds like you’re in the right location, since you enjoy gardening.

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