I May Have Found A Home

The prospect that I may soon be leaving the dog pound is looking favorable. Today Rosie left the gate open and I took the opportunity to escape to go buy a telephone card, which one slides into the ubiquitous public telephones, and called the number on the banner advertising a house around the corner for rent. Here when one is selling or renting a property a large banner advertising such is usually posted on the property.

I spoke to Leonora, who as it turns out is a realtor, who informed me the rent is $2500 pesos per month, or about $230. US dollars at today’s exchange rate, and that the house has six bedrooms. Leonora told me she would meet me at the house in 30 minutes.

When she opened the front door I was stunned. Entering the house, which from the exterior looks plain and relatively small, one climbs six or eights steps and emerges into a front room that is perhaps 15’ x 20’. The front room opens into a court yard surrounded by about six doors into various rooms, with a walkway around the perimeter and walkways in the shape of an X from corner to corner. Within the blank spaces of the X are triangular garden beds. Through one room off the courtyard is a large workshop in which the owner has woodworking shop and off the shop is a laundry room, off of which is another patio. The kitchen is large enough for a good sized table. In short it is the house of my dreams, though there is no garage; and it’s in the same neighborhood so I can continue to trade with the folks I have found with whom I like to trade, including the bar I went to for the first time a couple days ago where the beers are only $12 pesos.

The owner is a choir director moving to Mexico City, and at present there are a piano, a small harp, congas, and bongos in the house.

Leonora indicated that she thinks there will be no problem but she must check with the owner who returns from Mexico City Tuesday. I’m holding my breath until next Thursday when I will call Leonora again. If it works out, and after I get a few furnishings, the welcome mat will be out.


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  1. Marie McC

    Sounds wonderful! Even without a garage, it certainly sounds like a huge step up from the dog pound. Wow…to have a garden, extra space AND a workshop! I can only dream!! Good luck!

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