My Social Life

One thing very nice about having shops close by where I buy my produce, bread, meat and etc. is that I can shop for what I need for just a day or two. So I get to often see Tere from who I buy produce, ands who is very talkative and inquisitive as to matters of my life. I also stop daily at the bakery where the folks are very nice.

Today I learned that Tere has two children and a brother and sister that live with her in the same building in which her shop occupies the front room. When I told Tere that it looks like I may be able to rent the house a block down from her shop she insisted that I invite her over to look at the house, so I told her I would invite her and her family over for dinner.

To give you and idea as to the cost of produce, today I bought a large cantaloupe, a green pepper, and a couple pounds of carrots for $23 pesos, or about $2 US. Also today the itinerant juice orange vendor, who pushes a large basket on a cart around the neighborhood, stopped at the front gate of the dog pound and I bought thirty oranges for $17.50 pesos, about $1.60. Thirty oranges will provide me a large glass of juice each morning for a week.

So, as you can see, shopping comprises my social life.


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