Dredging The Dog Pound

Yipee. I have anew neighbor, who moved into the apartment right next to mine yesterday and he doesn’t have a dog. See, I can look at the positive side of things.

However, my new neighbor’s snoring reverberates through the passageway that separates the two apartment buildings with a sound akin to a harbor dredge sucking the sediment from the bottom of a shipping channel. The sucking sound is interposed with an equally load whimpering, as thought the dredge were sucking air.

I was awakened by the dredging at 4:00 this morning and, ultimately, had to get up and play my Tchaikovsky CD at a level necessary to overcome the snoring. He’s still dredging as I write this at about 10:00 AM.

And I thought that the whining and yapping of Bobbie, the Chihuahua in the apartment across from mine, was irritating.

The apartment occupied by the dredge was previously occupied by a woman with two children whose squealing and laughing, as they played in their apartment, I found quite enjoyable. Rosie, not liking children as she explained to me, required that the children to remain indoors unless they were coming or going.



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6 responses to “Dredging The Dog Pound

  1. Marie McC

    Long ago I discovered that running a fan in the bedroom creates enough white noise to cover sounds that keep me awake. If it’s cold, you just point the fan away from the bed. I’m a light sleeper, and this trick has given me many a good night’s sleep I wouldn’t have had otherwise.

  2. Tim

    Either that or you could play Wagner or Stravinsky at the same volume level instead. This may wake him up and encourage him to turn over on his side. Or, at the very least, give him the same amount of sleeplessness you’ve had. :)

    Found you via Expat Interviews – they just featured me there. I enjoyed your take on the U.S. – I feel very much the same.

  3. You Know Me

    Thanks for the tip Marie. I think I bank on being able to rent the house down the street. I will call the realtor on Thusday, as she is in Cancun until them.

    Welcom Tim. Thanks for checking in and for your comment.

  4. Tim

    Any changes with “El Snorro” yet?

  5. You Know Me

    As a matter of fact Tim there has been a change. The dredging lasted only one night.

    So what have you got agains Lutefisk?

  6. Tim

    What have I against lutefisk? To me, it taste like lye soap with fish. It’s an abomination, somewhat like fiskepudding (fish pudding). That’s just two words that do not belong together. I don’t like to think of fish when I’m enjoying a cup of pudding. Same with fiskekake (fish cake). Fish + cake? Bleah. :)

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