Meet Mari

Mari is the wonderful person to whose lavanderia I take my laundry. When a few weeks ago I told Mari I was looking for a house or apartment to rent she said she would check with a friend who has a rental. It turned out to be occupied by I really appreciated her inquiry. Last week when I told that it looks like I may be able to rent the house around the corner she said she was happy that it was close so that I would continue to bring my laundry to her. Today she asked if the house has a garden, as I had told her I like to garden. When I told her it did and that I would also plant in containers that I brought from Merida she told me she knows a woman who sells soil and to be sure to let her know when I need soil.

Mari has been wonderful to me from my first visit, during which she quizzed me as to where I lived, where I am from, and etc. She really is very sweet.

There is a lavanderia every couple of blocks here, as there is in Merida. Also in every couple of blocks you will find a panaderia where the panadero/a supplies the shelves daily with fresh bread and other baked goods. For stationery needs one goes to the papeleria, for dry cleaning to the tintoreria, for tailoring to the sastreria, for cakes and pastries to the pasteleria, for meat to the carniceria and etc. The shops are generally small and family operated so one may feel very good about trading with them.



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2 responses to “Meet Mari

  1. Marie McC

    How wonderful to have such a kind lady take you under her wing! It’s so much nicer to do business with the smaller, family-run operations where they get to know you. Better than the supermarket where I sometimes shop for food, where the cashiers are either surly or don’t seem to give a damn about the customer.

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