My Only Internet Cafe

Here are three members of the family that operates the only internet café whose services I use, and who have been so extremely nice to me as I reported earlier.

These three, along with their mother, are the good looking members of the family. Their father also regularly works at the café as does a brother. All of the younger members of the family have, or are now, studying computers and a few speak English well.



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3 responses to “My Only Internet Cafe

  1. Anonymous

    Hello, We already checked your blog, We are very thankful to add us in your report. We hope you enjoy your time in Xalapa. Greetings from “Your cafe internet friends”

  2. Tim

    Seems like a cozy place, Xalpa. I wouldn’t mind visiting there or Mexico in general. I’ve been to Brazil, but that was straight from one airport to another, then in a town outsite native country. That was a mission (not religious), too, so not quite as enjoyable a time as one could have had in Brazil.

    But Mexico has always been a “love to dream about” destiny of mine. Perhaps in a few years the wife, kids and I will jump in for a winter vacation. :)

  3. You Know Me

    Gracias mis amigos cafe internet. Agredezco mucho, mucho todo. Han estado muy amble a mi. Los espero gran exito con tu empressa.

    Por favor disculpe mi malo espanol.

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