An Apology

As I’m sure all three of my readers have noticed, I am a lousy editor. Lousier than usual these days when I am relying on an internet cafe as I enter the posts and most often don’t read them again.

Last evening I happened to read through a couple and was appalled.



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6 responses to “An Apology

  1. Anonymous

    keep posting

  2. You Know Me

    I will as long as I continue to receive such encouragement. I assume, like my other two readers, you prefer the photos and travel reports to the iconofaltulence.

  3. Marie McC

    I have to admit I skip over the political stew in favor of the Mexico juice.

  4. Anonymous

    Speaking for the other third of your readership, I’ll say that I never noticed any shortcomings in your writing. I, too, skip the politics, not because I don’t agree with it, but because I agree so fully that I’ve already thought those thoughts.

  5. You Know Me

    Wow, all three thirds of my readerhsip have weighed in on the subject. That has to be a record.

    I appreciate the fact that readers prefer the “Mexico juice”, but sometimes this guy just has to rant.

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