Salsa Dancing

Last night I went with Roberto, the proprietor of a “clon” DVD store, and his brother Juan Luis to a nightclub where a Cuban band played salsa music and where we were joined by a few of Roberto’s friends.

The band didn’t being to perform until midnight, which is a bit late for a guy who is usually in bed by ten, but was preceded by a fellow singing while accompanying himself on guitar. I left the shenanigans at 2:00 to the protests of Roberto and Juan Luis who were still going strong.

Roberto and Tere, an employee at his shop.

Juan Luis and a friend of Tere’s

Roberto and Juan Luis ripping it up. They are both very energetic and creative dancers.
Often Roberto would have his dance partner in stitches at his antics.



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3 responses to “Salsa Dancing

  1. Marie McC

    What fun! I usually am in bed by 11, but only because I have to go to work the next day. What’s your excuse?!? :) I’d rather be out dancing til 2 AM any night.

  2. lifelongharborite

    Great comment Marie! He is a pussy!!!!

  3. You Know Me

    Ok, go ahead and gang up on me. I can take it. However, I feel that I must say that lifelongharborite doesn’t really have much room to talk. After all he’s usually passed out by 9:00.

    Seriously, my excuse is that I’ve never been a late nighter and like to get up early.

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