Apartment Pictures

I think the problem I was having uploading pictures was that they were in the .bmp format rather than the .jpeg format I usually use. .bmps must be larger files.

Here’s a shot of the living room from the dining area.

This is a shot down the hall. The door on the right is to the bathroom and the door on the left is to the really small interior patio/laundry area that resembles the exercise space for a maximum security prison inmate, though smaller.

At the end of the hall there is a door to a bedroom on each side. The bedrooms are modest size and each have a very nice, roomy closet with heavy wooden sliding doors.



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3 responses to “Apartment Pictures

  1. Tim

    Nifty and comfy looking pad ya got there.

  2. You Know Me


    It is indeed very comfortable and, as I am in the unit furthest from the street, it is also very quiet. The building is constructed such that each unit on the same level is separated from each other and each receives light from a stariwell and a little patio. One bedroom of my unit also receives light from the passageway.

    The other night a small mouse crawled in my bedroom window so I got up and closed the window to keep out others. A bit later the mouse was scurrying up and down the curtain looking for an exit and as soon as I opened the window it left.

    Though there are the same large cockroaches here as there are in Merida they generally stay outdoors. There are notably fewer insects here than in Merida, even at the dog pound. Merida has ants in about five different sizes, including leaf cutters that one sees marching along in a line each carrying a large piece of leaf. They would harvest pieces of leaves from the neighbors yard in Merida, march over the wall, and march off across the patio to wherever their nest was.

  3. Tim

    Ants, if directed in the right manner, can be a blessing to keep away all other pests, especially those impervious roaches.

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