Incurious George, Rumsfeld, and Gates

Bush, in his press conference today, declared the so called “war on terror” as “amongst the most consequential” wars “in our history”. I suspect that any non-ideological historian would judge the revolutionary, civil, and WWII wars as far more consequential. Of course we all know that Incurious George didn’t pay attention in his history classes, so really has no idea of the subject.

The day after the election Rumsfeld is at long last going, only a week after Bush insisted that Rumsfeld would stay for the remaining two years of his administration. When asked during his press conference today why he lied to reporters last week in insisting that Rumsfeld would stay Bush explained that he didn’t want to “inject” the issue into the election. He then went on to say that he thinks it sends the wrong signal to our troops to inject major military decisions into politics.

Isn’t that exactly what he did? Last week he could have just declined to answer, but by insisting that Rumsfeld would stay he was throwing some red meat to the whako caucus of the republican party. Bush may now be having second thoughts about believing everything Rove tells him.

As a Reagan administration intelligence official, Rumsfeld’s replacement, Bob Gates, worked in driving the Soviets from Afghanistan by arming, funding, and otherwise supporting the Islamic Jihad and al Queda. I guess we now get to see if he an now deal with the blowback from his earlier work.

Introducing Gates today, Bush once again propagated the big lie that radical Islamists wish to “destroy our way of life.”

Meanwhile, in his swan song Rumsfeld once again told us dumb ass masses that we just don’t understand, saying that the “first war of the twenty first century” is “little understood.” Thus again demonstrating the hubris of the administration neofascists, as well as their civilian cheerleaders, that took the nation to the pointless war in Iraq.

OK. I admit it. I’ve been watching CNN.


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  1. Anonymous has profile on gates. its 1984 deja vu

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