Another Great Encounter

I’ve been settled in Xalapa going on three and a half months but it was only today that I visited one of the city’s foremost attractions, it’s Museo Antropologia and its outstanding collection of artifacts from the pre-Hispanic, Mesoamerican civilizations of, primarily, what are now the states of Veracruz and Tabasco. I will be posting photos and commentary as soon as I upload the pictures and organize the commentary.

As I was walking to the museum a woman stopped me on the sidewalk and asked that I be careful not to step on this beautiful monster caterpillar, which was more than a couple inches long. Though the photo doesn’t indicate such, the caterpillar’s sides are actually light blue.

The woman and I ended up talking for about 20 minutes. I told here I would post a photo of the creature on my internet diary, so she asked for the address, which, of course, I gave her.

It was another of those great completely unexpected experiences.


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  1. Marie McC

    Looking forward to reading about the Museum and seeing your photos. Have read nothing but rave reviews and have seen some stunning photos around the net. Can’t get enough of those Olmec heads!

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