Fig Sphinx

One of the nice folks at the internet café I patronize and I were discussing the caterpillar in the photo I posted a few days ago so we did decided to try to identify it.

We came upon this website which identifies the caterpillar as a Fig Sphinx.

Here is a bit of information and a couple of photos I pirated from the website.

The Fig sphinx, Pachylia ficus (Wing span: 4 3/4 – 5 1/2 inches (12 – 14 cm)) flies from Uruguay north through Central America, Mexico, and the West Indies to Florida, southern Texas, and southern Arizona. It occasionally strays as far north as Indiana and Pennsylvania.

Females feed and lay eggs on fig leaves, especially Strangler Fig (Ficus aurea). Ficus carica, Ficus microcarpa, Ficus religiosa, Ficus pumila, Ficus gamelleira, Ficus prinoides, Ficus pumila and Artocarpus integrifolia are also listed as hosts.
Larvae pupate in cocoons spun amongst leaf litter.
There are several color morphs.


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