Having read that the length of the post may be related to the problem I’ve been having connecting to beta blogger I am testing a shorter post to see if it makes a difference.

And to try uploading a picture I have selected the photo of this cutie who was watching the November 20 parade with her parents from the spot next to mine.



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2 responses to “Test

  1. John

    Cute baby, but you’re a lefty bore.

  2. You Know Me

    Well John, that really breaks me up.

    If you had said I was a bore my reaction would have been “you’re right”. My friends who follow my blog think my iconoflatlence (a term coined by a friend)is boring, far preferring the photos and travel reports.

    However, since you threw “lefty” in their I am left with the conclusion that you are one who must place people and concepts into tidy little mental categories so as to conserve space in your small mind.

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