Dealing With Mexican Immigration Authorities

As I reported almost a year ago, in order for me to remain in Mexico beyond the 180 day maximum duration of a tourist visa (FMT) I have had to apply for and obtain an FM 3 visa. Which I did last February in Merida.

The folks at the Merida office were uniformly pleasant, efficient, and patient with my often inadequate Spanish. Owing to the relatively large population of foreigners in Merida the immigration office there was always quite busy. Those visiting the office must check in with the security guard on the porch, who issues a visitor badge, before entering the building. At the reception desk visitors are issued a number, color coded to the nature of one’s business, and are directed to the appropriate office. Then one waits.

Since I have moved I must notify the immigration authorites of the change in my address. I waited until I was able to escape the dog pound as I knew I would not stay there for long, even though one is required to notify the authorities of a change of address within 30.

It then being 30 days since I moved into my apartment, a week ago Friday I went to the local immigration office and explained that I must change my address. When I entered the office I encountered two immigration officials, one sitting behind a desk and the other sitting in front reading the Diario; and that was it, just the two fellows. There were no customers waiting so I was immediately invited to sit in front of the desk. Though I had taken copies of items that I presumed they would need, the gentlemen very kindly looked over the copies and informed me of the additional paperwork necessary. They also reminded me to not return on Monday as it was the November 20th holiday. I was in and out in ten minutes.

Tuesday I returned to the office with all of the required paperwork and checked in with the very pleasant security guard. When I entered the office there was one woman seated behind a desk assisting a gringa. Wihin five minutes I was seated in front of the desk, the woman looked over the paperwork I submitted, filled out a couple of forms, took my FM3 visa, and instructed me to return the following Monday to retrieve my updated FM 3. I was in and out in twenty minutes.

So there are other advantages to living in Xalapa than just the more temperate climate.



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15 responses to “Dealing With Mexican Immigration Authorities

  1. moonrock

    hey….just wanted to say i found your new site


  2. Hey Moonrock,

    Nice to hear from you. I had never know who Moonrock is. I trust you had a fulfilling Thanksgiving.

  3. El Macho Grandissimo

    The header image looks a lot better. I was getting tired of those imaginary columns or whatever they were that Google provides.

    The photo with John Lennon is excellent too. The Times Roman type is not so good, but at least its legible.

  4. Saludos El Macho,

    WordPress provides a bit more flexibility. At least I am able to add my own header photo to the template I’m using.

    Switching and looking around the WordPress site and links has encourage my interest in html and other web publishing tools.

    What font do you recommend? I’ll have a look around to see if I can change it.

    John was a bit stiff the day we had the picture taken, perhaps owing to the fact that he’d been dead for 20 or so years. He did have a healthy bronze glow though.

  5. El Macho Grandissimo

    Something like Arial or Helvetica, without serifs (the little curlicues and crossbars that you see on this site). For some reason, typefaces with serifs make text are easier to read on the printed page, but have just the opposite effect on the screen (where the comparatively low resolution makes the serifs interfere with reading.

  6. El Macho,
    You have apparently grown, as I see you’ve gone from Grande to Grandissimo, though you’ve an extra s in there.

  7. El Macho Grandisimo

    I was worried about the spelling. Is that better.

  8. Esta correcto. You realize, don’t you, that it means you are the biggest man or biggest he-man?

  9. Grandisimo,
    Given your handle here’s alink to an appropriate picture for your WordPress profile. I hope the link works.

  10. El Macho Grandisimo

    Excellent picture for when I start my own blog. Is that some of the Xalapa street art?

  11. If you want you I think you can add a picture to your WordPress registration so it shows up in your comments. I think.

    Actually the statue is in Split, Croatia and is of a Bishop Gruger (the spelling is phonetic). Passersby rbu one of the statue big toes for good luck so it is polished bright.

  12. El Macho Grandisimo

    I’ll have to do some research on him first. (I don’t want to be promoting some creep whose views the Pope would endorse!) But putting a picture up would be fine. Maybe one of the Ottoman Sultans.

  13. Or maybe you could put toegther a collage of Chavez, Morales, Castro, and Correa, the soon to be president of Ecuador who called Bush a nitwit.

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  15. steven

    Chris –

    Do you have an e-mail that I can use? I could e-mail you through Merida Insider, but I’m not sure you still check that site regularly. I have a couple of questions I’d like to ask you.



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