Twenty First Century Crusader

Incurious George, speaking in Riga, Latvia, addressing the responsibilities of modern day NATO., I think provided a stark illustration why those in the Muslim world generally harbor antipathy toward the USA.

Bush pronounced “The most basic responsibility of this Alliance [NATO] is to defend our people against the threats of a new century. We’re in a long struggle against terrorists and extremists who follow a hateful ideology and seek to establish a totalitarian empire from Spain to Indonesia. We fight against the extremists who desire safe havens and are willing to kill innocents anywhere to achieve their objectives.”

Enumerating “extremists” who threaten civilization, and specifically peace in the Middle East, Bush cited only Islamic extremists. Once again giving voice to the USA government’s one-sided approach to dealing with Middle East nations and their people, that is rooted in large part, I believe, in the same Christian intolerance that encouraged the crusaders centuries ago.

Why didn’t Bush cite Israeli extremists who advocate the extermination of the Palestinians, or Lebanese Phalangists extremists such as those who in 1982 stormed into the Sabra and Chatila Palestinian refuge camps, which Israeli forces had conveniently sealed, and massacred hundreds of noncombatants?

The USA government consistently defends Israel’s refusal to comply with UN resolutions, while at the same time denouncing the Palestinians and Middle East nations for ignoring such.

So long as the USA government policies toward the various situations in the Middle East continue to ignore the suffering and injustice inflicted upon the Palestinians, and otherwise continues with a one sided approach, the Muslim world’s antipathy toward the USA will increase. A reality recognized by President Jimmy Carter.

Meanwhile Iraq is embroiled in a deepening civil war, while Lebanon and the Palestinian Territories are on the verge.


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