My Trip To The Malls

I’ve been looking in stores here for MP 3 payers for a couple of Cuban friends. I looked last week in the stores in the Centro area around where I live, so yesterday I looked in a couple of malls on the outskirts of Xalapa.

As walking is the only exercise I get I walked the approximate three miles to la Plaza Animas, where there is a Super Chedraui, Sam’s Club, an Office Max, and lots of smaller stores and food vendors. I did not visit Sam’s Club as I don’t like to support the Walton families’ right wing political giving.

From Las Animas I bussed to la Plaza de Americas, as the only place to walk is along the very narrow shoulder of the freeway. The Plaza de Americas contains a Sears, a Liverpool, and a couple of other large stores, none of which I visited, and lots of smaller stores and food vendors. Nor did I visit the Costco located between the two malls, as it requires a membership.

The prices in the malls are uniformly higher than those in the small “mom and pop” type stores in the Centro district and the selection is not any better. Office Max, for instance, has only I-Pods.

So this afternoon I will walk the few blocks to a really nice little computer and audio equipment store with a very helpful and pleasant crew to buy a couple devices with 2 gb of memory that play both MP3and MP4 recordings.


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