Iconoflatulence Relief

I just had a roll of film developed, so now a bit of relief from the iconoflatulence you’ve been feeling.

And remember when taking Flowmax standing may cause a sudden drop in blood pressure, so when beginning FLowmax don’t do anything (like standing up) that could cause you harm.

Generally Pico de Orizaba and Cofre de Perote are mantled in clouds, as seen in the header photo. A couple weeks ago on a sparkling clear morning I ascended to the roof of my apartment building to photograph the peaks.

Pico de Orizaba

Cofre de Perote

The plaza abutting the downtown cathedral all dressed up for Christmas.

The approximately 10 km cobblestone road up Cofre de Perote

Cofre de Perote Road

This young fellow was hard at work, alongside the road up Cofre de Perote, asking visitors for a bit of money. He hit me up again on the way down but I reminded him that I gave on the way up.


I don’t remember what this is but I think I took it in the nightclub where I went dancing with Roberto, his brother, and his friends.




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2 responses to “Iconoflatulence Relief

  1. Tim

    Peaceful Xalapa, take me away . . .

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