Shoeshine Surprise

A while back I wrote about, and posted a picture of, the shoeshine chairs in Parque Juarez. There are also chairs a various places along the streets. And there are itinerant shoeshines, usually young fellows, who carry boxes which contain their supplies, accessed through a fold down door on the side of the box, and a stool, can, or bucket to sit on while giving the shoes a shine.

After having my shoes shined by a number of different fellows in Parque Juarez I a happened upon a particularly friendly and talkative fellow. His chair is about the highest in the park and aside it sets a canvas covered lawn chair in which he awaits a customer.

Every couple of weeks, or so, I visit the fellow for a shine. He always greets me with a smile, asks where I have traveled since my last visit, and suggests places for future visits.

I stopped today, we had our usual conversation and laughs, and he gave my shoes his usual top notch shine. As I was climbing down from the chair he reached into a plastic bag under his chair and pulled out this cute miniature shoeshine box filled with candy and presented it to me as he wished me a feliz navidad.

Domino Set
While I’m at it. How about this domino set and container crafted from coffee wood? I thought coffee beans grew on bushes.


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