Marijuana – Biggest USA Cash Crop

You may have heard the news stories the last couple of days that “U.S. growers produce nearly $35 billion worth of marijuana annually” with “five U.S. states produc[ing] more than $1 billion worth of marijuana apiece: California, Tennessee, Kentucky, Hawaii and Washington”.

“By comparison, the United States produced an average of nearly $23.3 billion worth of corn annually from 2003 to 2005, $17.6 billion worth of soybeans, $12.2 billion worth of hay, nearly $11.1 billion worth of vegetables and $7.4 billion worth of wheat, the report said.”

I doubt much of the USA production is exported, which means that there of lots of marijuana consumers in the country.

Today there is a report that Mexican military marijuana eradication forces have encountered a “new hybrid marijuana plant that can be cultivated year-round and cannot be killed with pesticides.”



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3 responses to “Marijuana – Biggest USA Cash Crop

  1. "Safety First"

    How about baked goods?

  2. Safety First,

    How nice to hear from you. I imagine your city is adorned for Christmas.

    Well baked goods are of course the safer means, sparing the lungs the noxious fumes. Another alternative, of which I was reading today, is an alcohol infusion.

    Enjoy the holidays and may the coming new year bring prosperity.

    Give my best to the baker.

  3. "Safety First"

    Same to you, and I will pass the message on!!

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