Driving Lesson

Now that my friend Tere (and since one of my readers asked, that is friend as is only a freind) has her truck and has obtained the license plates and her driver’s license, she now must learn how to drive.

So tonight was the first lesson. I drove the truck to the Centro de Abasto (supply center) which is comprised of warehouses and a grid of access streets,which is pretty much deserted after 7:00 PM, and turned the truck over to Tere.

My good friend Life Long Harborite would tell you that I am a person of little patience, and I must admit the experience was a bit trying; but a bit more so for Tere I think. And only once did I find it necessary to grab and engage the parking brake.

None-the-less Tere made progress and lesson two will be Friday.

Tere bought the truck so she could drive to the large market near Puebla and buy fruits and vegetables for her shop, and to vend to other shops and restaurants, at much lower prices than she is able to buy from markets here. I expect I will accompany her on her Puebla trips until she is comfrotable driving by herself.


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