L.A. Times – “Wolfowitz owes us an explanation”

As the Times notes , Wolfowitz was wrong about almost everything he said about an invasion of Iraq, lied, denigrated the professional military, and pimped Ahmad Chalabi and was appointed by Bush as president of the World Bank.

An excerpt from the Times commentary:
By Sonni Efron, Sonni Efron is an editor on the opinion pages of The Times.
December 24, 2006

ACCOUNTABILITY is one of those ideals, like justice or the triumph of right over might, that are wonderful in principle but usually disappointing in practice.

This is nowhere more true than in Washington, where one of the most powerful men in President Bush’s inner circle, a man who helped conceive, plan and execute the Iraq war, has managed to escape scrutiny for steering his country into one of the greatest strategic catastrophes of his generation.



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2 responses to “L.A. Times – “Wolfowitz owes us an explanation”

  1. I noticed that you are travelling into your mid-life adventures. I wish I had waited, but no, I did it when I was too young to appreciate everything I saw and learned. I certainly enjoyed interacting with many people and took many risks, especially where safety is concerned. Ah, but the young are invincible…looking forward to reading about your adventures. Yes, John could be moody at times.

  2. Hey Madmouser,

    Thanks for checking in and leaving a comment.

    I think the moodiness was all part of John’s act.

    By the way, I checked in at your blog and have a correction to your statement “Go to Cuba, North Korea or Red China where God is banned.”

    Cubans are free to practice what religion they choose. There was a Pentecostal church near the apartment where I stayed during my last visit and there were services nightly. I saw active churches of all sorts of denominations.

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