AP Continues to Report Gore Claimed to Invent Internet

Silly me, I thought that every reporter worth the job title (and there seem to be few) would know that the almost ten year old campaign lie that Gore had claimed to have “invented” the internet was just that – a campaign lie.

Now comes AP hack Philip Elliott, reporting on the growing importance of the internet in political campaigns, writing that:
“Al Gore claimed he invented it. John McCain predicted it would revolutionize political campaigning. Howard Dean made it pay; and then some.

“Ah, the Internet.”

Just for the record Al Gore never claimed to have “invented” the internet. He did claim in a March, 1999 conversation with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, “During my service in the United States Congress, I took the initiative in creating the Internet.” Microsoft says of the Gore sponsored legislation: “The mass commercialization of today’s Internet is the direct result of this legislation.”

Eisenhower is widely credited with creating the interstate highway system but no one has suggested that Eisenhower ever claimed to have invented a highway.

The fact that AP editors released a story propagating ten year old campaign lie suggests that AP has morphed in a Wiki “news” source.

UPDATE 12/26/06: I see Steve Benen, writing at the Washington Monthly “Political Animal” blog has a similar reaction.


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