Havana Buildings


The Cuban Capitol building in Havana is modeled after the USA capitol building.


Beautiful buildings, representing the full range of architectural styles, from colonial, art deco, to modern, are pervasive in Havana.

The colonial building below includes Moorish arches, owing, I suppose, to the Moorish occupation of a large part of Spain and its consequent influence on Spanish architecture.


The following two building front on the oldest plaza in Old Havana, a World Heritage Site, around which the buildings have either been renovated or now being so.
Old Town Building

Old Town Building 2



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3 responses to “Havana Buildings

  1. Lindsay

    Oh please, post lots of pictures! Cuba is at the top of my list of places I want to go, and I’m so afraid that I won’t be able to before there are McDonalds and Holiday Inns everywhere you look.

  2. Lindsay,

    Seek and yee shall receive.

    If you want to go, then go. Fly to Cancun and buy a ticket there for the remainder of the flight.

  3. Lindsay

    I know. Like so many other things, it’s about prioritizing and then… Just Doing It.

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