Another Reason to be Proud – We’re Number 20 or 21 Out of 21

The Miami Herald reports on a UN report that ranks the USA and not so Great Britain 20th and 21st, out of the world’s 21 richest nations, in child welfare. A result, I suspect, of the Reagan/Thatcher social Darwinism approach of tax cuts for the rich (“senior citizens”, by the way, is the most financially well off demographic group) at the expense of children.

“‘What [the USA and GB] have in common are very high levels of inequality, very high levels of child poverty, which is also associated with inequality, and in rather different ways poorly developed services to families with children,” said Bradshaw, a professor of social policy at the University of York in northeast England. ‘They don’t invest as much in children as continental European countries do,’ he said.”

“The United States was last in the health and safety category, based on infant mortality, vaccinations for childhood diseases, deaths from injuries and accidents before age 19, and whether children reported fighting in the preceding 12 months or being bullied in the preceding two months.

“Britain finished at the bottom in behaviors and risks, which considered factors such as the percentage of children who had breakfast, ate fruit regularly, exercised, were overweight, used drugs or alcohol, were sexually active or became pregnant.”


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