Why Give Them What They Seek?

This past week the blogoshpere has been all atwitter with condemnations of Ann Coulter for her latest outrageous comment. When will folks learn that responding in any way to Coulter, O’Reilly, Limbaugh, or other purveyors of outrage is only giving them what they seek – attention that increases their book sales and ratings?

Coulter et al are entertainers who have happened upon profitable shticks that wingnuts pay them to perform, no different than the likes of Jimmy Swaggert, Pat Robertson, or Jerry Fallwell. Hand wringing condemnations won’t dissuade their acolytes, so why bother?



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3 responses to “Why Give Them What They Seek?

  1. Basil Brother

    Brother Chris
    I find myself scrolling through your missives and agreeing with most of your perpsectives on the current state of affairs. Take the one on Coulter et. al. Your right, why does the media report her shallow vitriol, there is so much that needs reporting, like why health care costs so much etc. I agree there is too much focus on these “commentators that specialize in making demons of their opponents with distortions and name calling.

    I enjoy reading your blog, and learning about your travels and perspectives on latin america. Thanks for sharing.

    Take care old friend

  2. Basil Brother,

    Your handle takes me back to the early ’80s and thoughts of living in the hippie shack, dilapidated pickups, the plastic covered greenhouse, the row covers, the old International Cub that often took a bit of persuasion to start, Robert Goss, planting potatoes, the Game Department fellow retrieving the fence posts we had removed so we could turn the tractor, sorting potatoes in that swinging screen frame, the Basil Brothers business cards, and a flood of other fond memories.

    I’m pleased to hear you enjoy my ramblings. Thanks for checking in and all the best to the family.

  3. Basil Brother

    Good memories to have. I still have the swinging screen frame potato sorter as one of the last momentos I have held onto of those days spent in the upper Satsop.

    I really enjoy the photographs of the places you are visiting and living in. Like the ones from yesterday of the Xalapa stairway. Nice to see the variety of art and architecture out there in the world. Thanks for sharing.

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