More Stairways

The photo above is of the upper end of the plaza from which radiate the stairways shown in the photos I posted a couple of days ago.

And another stairway radiating from the plaza. There are, in all, four different stairways accessing the plaza.

A bit further along the plaza is this shrine and fountain. Water runs into a pool from the four little spouts, shown here as the dark spots below the shrine visible just above the front lip of the pool.

The plaza, fountain and shrine are located in the Xalitic neighborhood, one of three of the city’s  original  neighborhoods. Folks settled here as a spring, which now feeds the fountain, emanated from the hillside.

This shot is from a bit further along down the plaza. The red building at the right houses a series of tubs in which folks wash clothes.


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  1. Basil Brother

    Special Note to Cookie and Rand
    We really enjoyed seeing you at La Taquria the other night, well more like a few weeks ago. Hope your ski trip went well. We need to plan a visit where we can spend more time catching up on things and enjoy telling stories about Chris et. al.

    Give us call, we are in the phone book.


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