Estadio Xalepeno

The Estadio Xalepeno is located to the East of Los Lagos, the series of lakes located in lower Xalapa of which I posted photos a few months ago. Around the stadium are a number of University of Veracruz schools, including the physical education school.

The stadium, built in 1925, is named for the Veracruz state governor of the time, Heriberto Jara Corona, and was funded in part by “philanthropist” William K. Boone. The facility was refurbished during the 1980s.

Boone was the manager of Xalapa’s electric utility owned by the Higgins Estate Inc. of Manhattan. The employees of the utility went on strike in 1925 seeking higher wages. Boone was unable to reach an agreement with the employees and, ultimately, upon the order of Governor Jara, the utility was seized by the Veracruz state government.

At the far end of the stadium, as shown in the photo above, is this series of statues atop columns forming a portion of the fence surrounding the stadium.

Atop each of the larger end columns is this sculpture.


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