Hapless Gonzales To Be Thrown Overboard

How do I know? Bush has declared his “confidence in AG Al Gonzales” and a couple administration intentional leakers are spreading the word of friction between Gonzales and the White House.



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6 responses to “Hapless Gonzales To Be Thrown Overboard

  1. Hi James,

    The only thing is who might his hapless boss replace him with.

  2. El Macho Grandisimo

    How about Harriet Myers?

  3. What are the chances of Bush throwing one of his “mother hens”, amongst which is included Miers, overboard? It would be like throwing Rice, Hughes, or his wife overboard.

    By the way I ran across an article a couple weeks ago, citing anonymous sources, reporting that Laura Bush plans to throw her husband overboard as soon as his term expires.

  4. El Macho Grande,

    Rereading your post I see that I misunderstood.

    What better choice than to replace the hapless Gonzales with a mother hen?

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