A Sad Day in the Neighborhood

It is indeed a sad day for me. Mari, to whose lavanderia I have taken my laundry since arriving in Xalapa and about whom I posted last October, died yesterday morning.

I have become quite close to Mari, her husband Enrique, and her two sons Omar and Tristan.

Omar came to my apartment yesterday to give me the bad news, which I had heard earlier, and to ask me to attend Mari’s service today.

So this morning, despite my general aversion to funerals, I walked to the Bosco de Recuerdo for the service; and discovered that I was not only the lone gringo present, but the only person not of the family, as well. I feel quite honored by the invitation.

I met and was treated very warmly by Mari’s five sisters and her ninety one year old father.

There was a Catholic service, involving prayers led by a woman to which the others present responded, which seemed to go on for a half hour or so. But being a Pagan, probably a fallen Pagan at that, and unfamiliar with Catholic prayers, I suspect it seemed longer than it actually was.

I will miss Mari, who always treated me very kindly and always had a number of questions ready for me whenever I visited.

I was thinking while waiting for the service to begin that in my six months in Xalapa I have become close to four local families, while in my nine months in Merida I became close to only one. I suppose the explanation for such has more to do with my overall comfort level and my improving Spanish than with differences between the folks in Merda and here.

None-the-less Xalapa is becoming more and more to feel to me like home.



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7 responses to “A Sad Day in the Neighborhood

  1. Ross

    Was she ill that you knew of? This is very shocking!


  2. She was in her 70s and I learned today from one of her sisters that Mari and her husband had lived in D. F. for many years, where Mari had a hair/beauty salon.

    I don’t know the details but her doctors advised her to leave the contaminated D. F. area and to give up working with nasty hair salon chemicals.

  3. Electric Wench

    My condolences on the loss of your friend.

  4. Carol,

    Thanks. She and her family are wonderful people.

  5. Hi Carol,

    I just realized that you are ‘the’ Carol in my life. One of the folks I miss.

    I hope all is well. Thanks for checking in.

    Electric wench?

    Take care and give my best to your husband and daughter.

  6. Electric Wench

    Oh I check in regularly, I just don’t post very often.
    I miss you, too. And I’m very sad I didn’t get to see you when you were here awhile back. NextMaybe next time!
    All is well, just really really busy, thanks for asking.
    Electric Wench is the nickname bestowed upon me by our mutual friend and my daytime employer, Safety First. Kind of catchy, don’t you think? I’ve been called alot worse…….
    Anyhoo, you take care and keep on blogging about your adventures in the sun – it brightens the days for us rain-soaked, pale harborites!

  7. I like your handle. Working for Safety First, how nice. Of course, I wouldn’t say he’s safe at any speed.

    Give my best to all and please tell Safety I’ve still got the T-shirt.

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