Cabo San Lucas

Today I am on my way to Cabo San Lucas to rendezvous with mi gran amigo, Life Long Harborite, to share with him his last visit to a time share he has had for many years and which he has liquidated.

At this moment I am sitting in the Mexico City airport waiting for my connecting flight.

The flight from Veracruz was quite spectacular as we flew right past Pico de Orizaba, the highest peak in Mexico and third highest in North America.

I could also see extensive agricultural terraces on the Eastern slope of the mountains as we approached Mexico City, which in Mexico, by the way, is referred to as D. F, or simply Mexico.

Though I have been able to connect to three different unsecured wireless networks here in the airport I have been kick off each of them before I could put up this post.

Consequently, I’ll had to wait until sitting in the sun in Cabo drinking Mexican beer.

I have, in fact, had to wait to post this.

I’ve never before been to this are of Mexico; and, viewing the area from the airplane window I realized the Cabo San Lucas is locate amidst a coastal desert. The area where I am staying is the typical row upon row of expensive resort hotels. It is definitely not a typical destination for me.

Life Long Harborite’s brother-in-law has informed us that, as of this afternoon, we will have the use of a Cadillac, of uncertain vintage, owned  by a firefighter friend in the USA.  I am hoping that we will take an excursion from the tourist areas.

More later.


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