Mi Casa del Mariscos

About the coolest place I happened upon during my visit to Cabo San Lucas is the Mi Casa Del Mariscos restaurant, which for you non Spanish speakers means My House of Seafood. Though the food was excellent, for me the building itself was the most impressive aspect of the experience.

The entrance to the building gives the impression of a nondescript, one-story well worn building, with a covered portal accessed by a short, semicircle drive that accesses two adjacent streets that converge at a corner. Once in the door, however, it becomes immediately apparent that there is much, much more to the building than is suggested by its exterior.

The entrance is flanked, symmetrically, by small jewelry and art stores accessed from the interior. The art store is in turn flanked by a fairly long registration desk.

Beyond the desk lays a room, with a octagonally vaulted ceiling with stained glass windows fitted in each of the eight sides. A fountain centered by a stone sculpted mermaid, vested in bright green moss, lies in the center of the room, directly below the apex of the octagonally hipped roof. The front wall of the room displays a shallow pond containing a maritime themed sculpture collage, composed of fish sculpted from sheet metal, stone sculptures, a magnificent piece of coral, and sculpted odds and ends.

The three steps down from the registration desk accesses the interior courtyard containing the dining tables and multi-colored dining chairs. The typical Spanish colonial courtyard structure consists of a series of what I believe are Roman arches. The arches support a second story consisting of a balcony, perhaps 10 feet wide, and rooms to the rear. The balcony provides additional seating arrayed along the wrought iron railing that provides protection from a fall to the courtyard below.

The restaurant is decorated with an odd conglomeration of pictures, paintings, chandeliers, religious art, sculptures, and ceiling fans of different vintages and styles, but it all seems to fit.
Each panel of the ancient wooden bar is illustrated and the bar is fronted by bar stools sculpted from all thread, large nuts and bolts, steel plate, and a variety of other materials. The second story is covered with a palapa roof in which the structural members are roped together, rather than connected with mechanical fasteners.

The food was very good. For lunch one day I had some very tasty tostadas with avocado, lettuce, octopus, shrimp, and pickled vegetables. Life Long Harborite judged the slightly customized clam chowder to be the best he’s ever eaten. For my final dinner in Cabo I ordered an equally delicious salad with breaded scallops.

If you’re in Cabo San Lucas be sure to stop in to gawk at the magnificent edifice, examine the artfully conglomerated decor, and to enjoy the fine food and drink.



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9 responses to “Mi Casa del Mariscos

  1. Ross

    I will certainly make it a point to visit that Restaurant one day in the future… Who knows? Maybe I won’t leave there and just dream…

  2. Let’s hope that before too long you and other Cafe Xicuintla executives will find it necessary to travel there on a marketing mission.

  3. Ross

    Suena bastante bien… Fantasies aside, I like the idea and the sound of it… We agreed upon looking into maintaining production and sales of the cupcakes and brownies/cookies here in Xalapa while creating the road show, and will call the cupcakes “Copitas Xicuintla”…

  4. juan Laforest

    I was lucky enough to visit the restaurant with Chris and it was truly impressive. My first time to Mexico and to this website has been cool. I had to straighten him out with his politics, but he taught me a great deal at the same time. Thanks amigo.

  5. And I do feel much straighter, as far as politics go, that is.

    Hasta la victoria siempre

  6. Life Long Harborite

    Jaun is a very intelligent person but being a reprobate is a few more visits to Cabo.

  7. We’ll get him trained in the finer points of reprobation.

  8. Cat & Kel

    We LOVE Mi Casa del Mariscos. The first time we went there we had the “clam Chowder” ., it is by far the BEST we have had anywhere. We always sent people we meet there for a real treat.
    Another of our favorites is The original Trailer Park restraunt & Lenny’s Deli, just down the street from Me [ Melia San Lucas Hotel]. Excellent food – alot of it & great pricing . Ask for Craig, the owner and tell him Kelvin & Cathi from Watson. sent you. He and his beautiful wife will take good care of you and make sure you have a wonderful meal.

  9. You Know Me

    Cat and Kel,

    Thanks very much for the tips. As it turns out I will be returning to Cabo in early April for another rebrobative rendezvous with my buddy, Life Long Harborite.

    I have noted the restaurants you have recommended and will definitely give them a try and will look up Craig.

    Thanks again. Take care.

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