Big Green Insect

I encountered this fella lurking just outside my apartment door this morning as I left on a morning shopping venture.

The thing was perched on the door jamb of my apartment door when I returned.



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8 responses to “Big Green Insect

  1. Dan

    Looks like a katydid to me. Pretty impressive fake leaf wing covers, aren’t they.

  2. Impressive indeed. Thanks for the ID Dan. I had no idea.

  3. Ross

    Margarita says it’s called an “Esperanza”. Esperanza is “hope” in Spanish… It’s a type of cricket…

  4. Ross

    Actually, I thought it was a type of Cicada before Margarita told me what it was called here…

  5. Gracias a Margarita para identificaccion Mexicano.

  6. After Dan identified it as a Katydid I Yahooed for an image and found bunches of images.

  7. Café Internet

    Hey good picture, It´s a good idea to show the nature and the art of the mexican hands like the box lemon tree.
    Saludos, esperamos más fotos como siempre .

  8. Care Internet,

    Gracias para vistando y para sus palabras ambles.


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