A Visitor


I spotted this visitor crawling across my living room floor last evening.



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2 responses to “A Visitor

  1. Ross

    Always fun to stumble across one of those! I think they live in your neighborhood, since the last time I stumbled across one was when we were living just above where you live on Calle Jose Azueta just above Sayago… They’re in the Scorpion family but are called Alacran. Scorpions are much larger and much more venumous and black… I’m not a fan of defensive killing, so I let them be and hope that I don’t stumble across them… For me, it’s such a special occasion to see one. This is also a region of small Tarantulas. You can tell by the length of their front legs or arms. Tarantulas aren’t harmful. Hopefully you’ll get a chance to photograph one of them, because they’re absolutely gorgeous…

  2. Thanks for the identification Ross. As for Tarantulas, I happened upon and photographed a couple in the Yucatan.

    One I spotted while driving the back road from Rio Largatos can be found here https://expatriateruminations.wordpress.com/2006/08/14/ria-lagartos/

    The other emerged when I was working in my garden in Merida and can be found here:

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