Obama Campaign Rhetoric

“In today’s globalized world, the security of the American people is inextricably linked to the security of all people. When narco-trafficking and corruption threaten democracy in Latin America, it’s America’s problem too. . .”

So exclaimed Barack Obama in a recent “foreign policy” address, necessitated in his presidential campaign, I think, by the persistent media criticism that Obama lacks foreign policy experience.

Aside from the fact that such media criticism is nothing more than obedient stenographic reproduction of Obama’s opponents’ talking points, and that only one of our last five presidents had any foreign policy experience entering office, Obama is wrong.

Obama is correct that “narco-trafficking and corruption threaten democracy in Latin America” and it is the USA prohibition of illegal drugs that enables the black market within which the narco-traffickers operate.  It is the USA drug policy and appetite for drugs that lies at the root of the narco-trafficking”. 

Legalize drugs and the narco-traffickers would be out of business almost instantly, as would the corruption inevitably associated with drug wars.  I presume that Obama, like most other politicians, understand this fact but lack the political courage to say so.


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One response to “Obama Campaign Rhetoric

  1. Ross

    I don’t know if it’s a problem of political courage, since what you say in the media can make or break you and the whole idea is getting to the prize. There are just so many idiots in this world to put it lightly and politics is moved by the idiot side and the invisible power broker side… The U.S. “anti-drug” policy has been influenced so strongly by rich housewife special interest groups in the name of the children and families since the 1920s… It is still illegal to use coca leaf in medicine and foodstuff when, by now all of the “experts” influencing policy should know that coca is not cocaine, nor is it close, although cocaine is derived from the coca leaf… The idea to remove coca from all aspects of American and European society is absurd, but it exists at full force. So, what can you expect from a politician, when the politician is the mouth piece of the people…? Aristotle said that the worst possible government is that of a democracy. Why? Because most people are poorly informed, uneducated and generally disinterested. If they are the majority and they determine the fate of the society, then where do you think that society will go? But then again, we don’t want a super egoist maniac to determine what are our wants and needs… In turn, I think we’re always going to be frustrated with politics and politicians… Now, if you legalize drugs, who do you think will be the first to gain the contracts or permission to sell cocaine and heroine, etc? The large pharmaceutical companies. As bad as it may sound, the narco traficantes offer work and an economy to millions of poor people throughout Latin America. And as violent as the drug wars get, these poor people have nothing to risk. They’re going to die of starvation and malnutrician anyway. Talk to local police officers about their “salaries” and the education and respect they gain from their employer, the Mexican government and you’ll understand a little of why so many of the Mexican police force straddles both sides of the law… I know a lot of local police officers, since they visit with at my stands and we have had a ton of conversations… I don’t use drugs with the exception of an occasional beer or wine, etc. I don’t really care for any of it. But that’s besides the point. If we want to talk about politics and justice and alternative economies across the borders we also need to understand all the differing socio-politico-economic realities… I think that’s very difficult for many people. Truthfully, I believe that the war on drugs here in Mexico will create an unwanted havoc here and it will not solve the problem in the U.S.; it will just make things that much more violent. You may remember that Fox legalized drugs for about 1 day last December but then he felt the wrath of the U.S. government and changed his mind.

    On another note… There is a chicken pox or measels (viruela) epidemic at Margarita’s family’s ranch. 3 of my sister-in-laws and one brother-in-law has it pretty bad. So, we won’t be taking you there until after it’s passed. We were there nearby on Wednesday to sign up for popular social security, which is Mexico’s equivalent of medicaid. So, because one of my brother-in-laws needed to find some documents I was with him in the house and am a little concerned that I may have gotten it from sitting on the toilet. Margarita says “no” but I’ve found some atypical mosquito bites on different parts of my body that when scratched let out some liquid, which is strange. I had chicken pox as a child… But there are cases of people getting it a second time… I’ll keep you informed.

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